A Message from the President

Welcome to the Mid-Allegheny Section of the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Website!

ASHE is a nationally recognized, non-profit organization incorporated into Pennsylvania in 1958. Our mission is "To provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable highway system through education, innovation and fellowship."

Our members and industry professionals are experiencing lifestyles that are busier than ever and our daily schedules are full of professional and family obligations. In an ever growing “Social” society, we often find ourselves too busy to be “Social” except via electronic media. Our industry has a depth and breadth of skill sets and experience encompassing planning, design, construction and inspection of transportation infrastructure and we need to have these folks connect. I feel it is incumbent on the professional societies to encourage interaction and face-to-face networking within our industry between owners, contractors and consultants. The Mid-Allegheny Section of ASHE has identified this trend and as such a primary goal of our section has been to recognize the need for networking and fellowship.

The Mid-Allegheny Section is committed to the goals and initiatives of ASHE and the development of our local industry. Our section is committed to:

  • Sharing information related to industry techniques and methods.
  • Supporting our local students via sponsoring annual scholarships.
  • Encouraging those involved or interested in our industry to join us as a section member.
  • Encouraging fellowship and networking opportunities.

Our current membership is active in our meetings and events representing over 120 people within the industry. Come on out and join us! Bring a new member of our industry with you and let’s get face-to-face for a dinner meeting, golf outing, sporting clay shoot or one of our summer tour events! Membership information is available through our website's Membership Application page. If you'd like to become a section sponsor and join our Mid-Allegheny Club, sponsorship information is available through our website's Section Sponsors page.

Sincerely yours,
William Ferko, P.E.

William Ferko, P.E.

Dinner Meetings

Have Dinner with Us

Our section warmly welcomes anyone who is interested in the transportation industry to join us at our dinner meetings, which are held in the months of September, November, January, March, and May. Our meetings feature a speaker on a special topic relevant to the transportation industry. We welcome you to join us! More information on our next dinner meeting in November will be coming soon.

Our next dinner meeting will be held on Wednesday May 17, 2023 at the the Indiana Country Club, in Indiana, PA. Additional information can be found here.

News/Upcoming Events

Membership Application

Interested in joining the ASHE Mid-Allegheny Section?

New members will receive a voucher for a free dinner at the first meeting they attend.

New Membership Fee


If you are currently a member of ASHE and would like to update your information, please click here and go to the membership link on ASHE's website.


Current Officers


William Ferko, P.E.

SAI Consulting Engineers

Vice President

Sean Hart, P.E.

Michael Baker International, Inc.

2nd Vice President

Gary Madey, P.E.

Michael Baker International, Inc.


Robert Pitassi, P.E.



Matt Hetrick, P.E.

PennDOT District 1-0

Current Directors

One-Year Directors

Brian Krul, P.E., P.T.O.E.


Matt Cochran, P.E.

Lochner, Inc.

Timothy Panzigrau, P.E.

PennDOT District 10-0

Doug Zubal, P.E.

PennDOT District 10-0

Two-Year Directors

Robert Schmidt, P.E.

SAI Consulting Engineers

Bryce Miller, P.E.


John McCombie, P.E.

Widmer Engineering, Inc.

Jennifer Sheesley, P.E.

Sheesley and Associates, LLC

Three-Year Directors

Roger Eaton, P.E.

HDR Engineering, Inc.

Steven Wells, P.E.

HDR Engineering, Inc.

Terry Kerr, P.E.

PennDOT District 10-0—Retired

Joel Borrelli, P.E.

Michael Baker International, Inc.

Regional Director

Bradley DiCola, P.E., P.T.O.E.

GPI, Inc.

Immediate Past President

Bradley DiCola, P.E., P.T.O.E.

GPI, Inc.

Attendance Certification Recorder

Tim Panzigrau, P.E.

PennDOT District 10-0

Golf Chair

Bryce Miller, P.E. /
John McCombie, P.E.

Sporting Clays Chairs

Robert Schmidt, P.E. /
Sean Hart, P.E.

Section Sponsors

If you or your company would like to become a Mid-Allegheny Club member, please download and complete the following form:
2022-2023 Mid Allegheny Club Form (pdf)

Scholarship / Awards Applications

Fall 2023 ASHE Mid-Allegheny Scholarships

The application for the Engineering Bachelor Degree scholarship can be found here.

The application for the Engineering Associate Degree scholarship can be found here.

Fall 2023 semester must be postmarked by March 1, 2023.

2022 ASHE Mid-Allegheny Outstanding Highway Engineering Awards

Applications for the Mid-Allegheny Section 2022 Outstanding Highway Engineering Awards are due February 28, 2023 and can be downloaded here.

Become Involved

If you'd like to become involved in one or more of the various ASHE Mid-Allegheny Section Committees or have an idea toward improving an area within the Section, please contact the Mid Allegheny Section at ashe.midallegheny@gmail.com, or the following Section Officers:




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Project of the Year

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